Obverse Die 14

Primary Characteristics

On die 14 there is only one defining characteristic, a doubling of the second 1 so that it appears as a notch.  This die is recognized in only on VAM 24.


On VAM 24 this die is paired with a reverse die a, making it a somewhat nondescript and uneventful VAM.  As additional markers some describe small dots in the lower portion of the LI in the headband.


However, it is also believed that this may be a convenient catch all VAM for coins with the one doubled 1 and no other distinguishing features.



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VAMs Featuring Die 14

24 - Doubled Second 1

Die Crack Analysis

Obverse Die 14 is a single pairing with Reverse Die a, but produces VAM 24 with VAM designations of 24.1 and 24.2.  VAM 24.2 is actually an earlier die state but was discovered last.  As of this analysis we have seven examples of Die 24.1, and two examples of Die 24.2.


28938552       Mint State 63+PL


None of the nine examples of either die show any signs of die cracks.


These images are from coin 16501704 a Mint State 63 VAM 24 coin.