Obverse Die 19

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 19 is identified by doubling of the 1s in the date and by the doubling of the right stars and the bottom of the earlobe.  It appears only once and is paired with reverse die n.  Both sides of this VAM have distinguishing marks.


The left 1 is slightly doubled on the right side of the vertical shaft.  The right 1 is doubled at the top.  There is a slight doubling of the bottom of earlobe.  The left and right stars are doubled on the outside toward the rim.




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VAMs Featuring Die 19

30 - Doubled 1--1 and Earlobe, Reverse Legend, and Motto

Die Crack Characteristics

Obverse die 19 is only associated with VAM 30.   VAM 30 has a number of obverse and reverse characteristics.  But the obverse die has unique cracks, plus our characteristic Spike in 8.




There is a die crack that starts just below the second left star and actually runs into the first star.  There are some examples where it might go all the way through the star, but it is difficult to tell.  Then the crack continues below the bust, and picks up again between the 1 and 8.



These images are from coin 27200151, a Mint State 61 coin.  The star doubling does not photograph well and will be added when a better image is obtained.