Obverse Die 32

Primary Characteristics

Obverse Die 32 is a  clashed die with a partial incuse of the In of In from reverse showing next to Liberty's neck, and a partial incuse st of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge to form VAM 50A.  Without the clashes it forms VAM 50.


Die Marker- very fine raised pitting along jaw-neck junction



(You can see the coins in our collection by clicking on the VAM link below.)


VAMs Featuring Die 32

50 - Doubled Ear Bottom

50A - Doubled Ear, Clashed Obverse n and st, Reverse M

Die Crack Characteristics

Obverse Die 32 is seen only with VAMs 50 and 50A.  Its distinguishing characteristic is a doubling of the earlobe.  It comes in both a clashed and unclashed version.  As of this analysis we have five VAM 50 and twenty-five VAM 50A coins.  So there is plenty of inventory for analysis.

83947765       Mint State 63


None of our VAM 50 coins show signs of die cracks or breaks.


18277242       Mint State 63


Often the act of clashing will weaken a die so that cracks begin to develop, but this is not the case with Obverse Die 32.  Our VAM 50A also shows no die cracks in our examples.