Obverse Die 33

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 33 has doubled 18-1 with left 1 slightly at top right, left 8 at bottom outside of the lower loop with a short die chip at the top left inside of the upper loop, and right 1 at the top of the upper crossbar with a slight notch at the lower left of the vertical shaft.


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VAMs Featuring Die 33

52 - Doubled 18-1

Die Crack Characteristics

As of this discussion we have seven VAM 52 coins associated with Die 33.  Two of these are below Mint State and do not exhibit any die cracks.  Of the remaining five coins, two exhibit the same die cracks.



Just in front of Liberty's face there are superficial cracks running from the sixth and seventh stars up through the top of the E.

Then similar cracks begin to appear behind the head toward the rim.  These start fourth and fifth star and extend up to the lower side of the M in UNUM.


All of the cracks are just beginning to form and can be considered superficial.