Obverse Die 50

Primary Characteristics

Obverse Die 50 - A slightly doubled 18 with the 1 doubled at the top right of the vertical shaft, and the left 8 doubled at the left inside of the upper loop.


(You can see the coins in our collection by clicking on the VAM link below.)


Other Characteristics

Die marker - Diagonal die polishing lines in ER of LIBERTY


VAMs Featuring Die 50

74 - Doubled 18

Die Crack Characteristics

Obverse Die 50 is new and associated with VAM 74, one of our discovery VAMs.  VAM 74 - Doubled 18 has doubling similar to other date issues, but polishing lines in the ER of LIBERTY are distinctive.


83959925       Almost Uncirculated 53


Since this is a new discovery we have but one example and it is an AU 53.  Although cracks and breaks could have worn away, we see no signs of any on the surface.