Reverse Die d

Primary Characteristics

Reverse die d has in its title only the O Tilted Left description, and it appears in three VAMs.  In VAMs 6 and 6A it is paired with Obverse Die 1, so it is the dominant characteristic.  The only difference is that Die 6A has a spike in the first 8 and Die 6 does not.  In VAM 22, the other pairing, the obverse has a doubled 1--1 on Die 13.


The mint mark is described as centered and tilted left, but we believe it is placed slightly left and tilted left.  However, the left placement is within the tolerance for placement.


(You can see the coins in our collection by clicking on the VAM link below.)


VAMs Featuring Die d

6 - O Tilted Left

6A - Spike in 8, O Tilted Left

22 - Doubled 1--1, O Tilted Left

68 - Doubled 18,O Tilted Left

This illustration is from coin 07574537, a Mint State 62 DMPL, VAM 22.