Reverse Die i

Primary Characteristics

Reverse die i is straight forward in terms of identification.  The obverse is a die 1 or normal die, so no real distinguishing characteristics other then the familiar die chip in the first 8.


So it is the reverse die characteristic that defines the resulting VAM 11.  The O/O die varieties separate themselves by placement of the doubling element.  On reverse die i the placement is to the left inside of the mint mark as a thin vertical line, and there are no other distinguishing marks needed for identification.


There can be a slight doubling of TATES OF AMER, but this is a secondary identification.  There can also be a doubling of the right wreath.


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VAMs Featuring Die i

11 - Spike in 8, O/O Left

Die Crack Charistics

Reverse Die i appears on two VAMs, 11 and 69.  VAM 11 is paired with Obverse Die 1, and VAM 69 is paired with Obverse Die I46.


As of October 2017 we have ten examples of VAM 11 - Spike in 8, O/O Left, but only two examples of VAM 69 - Doubled Profile, Cap, and Left 8, O/O Left.  The VAMs are differentiated by the obverse pairing and not significant reverse differences.


The common characteristics are:

  • The mint mark, which is set left, upright, and is doubled on the inside
  • Some overpolishing in the wing-neck gap
  • Doubling of the Motto and Legend


The differentiating characteristics are:

  • On VAM 69 the bow and leaf clusters have deteriorated and are pitted
  • On VAM 11 the Legend and Motto doubling is less pronounced


Our ten examples of VAM 11 include six coins that are mint state, so there is adequate inventory for analysis.  None of these coins show evidence of any die cracks or breaks.

29600328       Mint State 63+


We have only two examples of VAM 69, and both are mint state.  Neither coin shows any sign of cracks or breaks on the reverse.

81950837       Mint State 62


This image is from coin 25171136, an Almost Uncirculated 55, VAM 11.