Reverse Die o

Primary Characteristics

Reverse die o has as its central feature a mint mark that is both set left and tilted left.  There can be other features, primarily doubling or tripling of wreath leaves, clashing, or legend doubling, but it is the mint mark that defines the die.


When combined with die 25 it produces VAM 36, which are differentiated date doubling, and by clashing.  In VAM 38 the defining obverse feature is the absence of those features on a die 1.


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VAMs Featuring Die o

36 - Doubled 8-1, O Set Left and Tilted Left

38 - Triple Left Wreath, Doubled Reverse Legend

Die Crack Analysis

Reverse Die o makes an appearance with VAMs 36 and 38.  It tis distinguished by the mint mark being set left and tilted slightly left.  With VAM 38 the mint mark placement is the same, but there is also some accompanying doubling of leaves and letters in the Legend.

We have only one example of a VAM 36, but it is a mint state coin.  The coin shows no signs of die cracks or breaks.  This VAM is formed with the marriage of Obverse Die 25 and Reverse Die o.

31858265       Mint State 63


VAM 38 is a little different because we have five examples in our inventory.  Five of the six are mint state coins and they range from Mint State 61 to Mint State 64.  None of the coins show any signs of reverse die cracks or breaks.  One of the coins is heavily toned, which can help reveal cracks, but this coin also shows no signs of cracks.  VAM 38 is formed from a marriage of an obverse Die 1 with the Reverse Die o.


This image is from coin 01303340, a Mint State 63, VAM 38 coin.

This image is from coin 01303340, a Mint State 63, VAM 38 coin.