PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 97129

Serial Number:  14675967

Grade: Mint State 61 DMPL

VAM: 54 - Doubled Right 1 Bottom, O Set Left

VSS Number:  009385




Comments:  This is an excellent DMPL coin with the right reflectivity to get the grade.  Although bag marked, the overall attractiveness is not bothered.


On the obverse there appears to be some new features.  The familiar spike in the upper loop of the first 8 is present, but appears heavier than normal.  In the upper loop of the second 8 there appears to be some extra metal at about 7 o'clock, and there is a faint doubling of this 8.  There is pitting across the bust that is most prominent at the ear.  In several areas around the head and cap there appears to be extra metal, probably due to incomplete polishing.


On the reverse the mint mark is set left and has some lines inside the oval.  There are several areas of the reverse field that appear the die was incompletely polished.


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