Very Fine 30

ANA VF 30 Grading Standard

A coin of grade VF 30 will show light even wear on the surface; design details on the highest points begin to soften, but all lettering and major features are bold.

ANA VF 30 Morgan Grading

Obverse:  Wear shows on high points of the hair from the forehead to the ear.  Some strands are visible in the hair above the ear.  There are smooth areas on the cotton leaves and at the top of the cotton bolls.


Reverse:  Wear shows on leaves of the wreath and tips of the wings.  Only a few feathers are visible on the breast and head, but they show clearly on the right wing.


Surface:  Light to moderate wear.  All features are sharp.

PCGS VF 30 Grading

Almost complete detail with flat areas.  Detail is 70% to 80% complete.

PCGS Graded Coins