Very Fine 20

ANA VF 20 Grading Standard

A coin of grade VF 20 will show moderate noticeable wear on the higher parts of the design.


Minor details are beginning to flatten.


Surfaces are attractive and free of serious blemishes, erosion, nicks, or scratches.

ANA VF 20 Morgan Grading

Obverse:  Smooth spots are visible on the hair from the forehead to the ear.  The cotton leaves are heavily worn but separated.  The wheat grains show wear.


Reverse: Some leaves on the wreath are well worn.  The breast is smooth, and only a few feathers show on the head.  The tips of the wings are weak but lines are complete.


Surface:  Light to moderate wear.  All features are sharp.

PCGS VF 20 Grading

Some definition of detail, all lettering full and sharp.  Detail is 50% to 60% complete.