PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82490291

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 55

VAM:  37A - Doubled Reverse Legend & Motto, Clashed Obverse n, us

VSS Number: 012052


Comments:  We did not include this coin in our toned group because we have other similar coins and there really isn't much to learn from this one.  The area around the rim on both sides is more discolored than colored, and the overall color on the coin approaches light tarnish.


Non the less, this is a good example of a VAM 37A and the signs are easily read.  The clash at the mouth is almost a vampire look and one of the telltale signs.  At this grade the clashed n and us are more difficult, but there.


On the reverse the clashed legend and motto are also easy to recognize and almost any grade.


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