What Are Similitudes

If one reads the dictionary definition for "similitudes" a clear option is a two or more things having a "visible likeness."


We can think of no better word to describe the groups of coins bearing common characteristics.  In fact, it is this visible likeness that ultimately leads one down the path of a decision tree to make the final VAM determination.

VAMworld and Similitudes

On the web site VAMworld four broad categories of recognition exist for the 1881-O.  These four are:



On this web site we will tackle these four first, but in time explore others that cut across these.


One of the most confusing things arises from the practical need to keep VAM names unique and reasonable short.  These is also the problem that once a characteristic becomes pervasive it tends to lose the need to be mentioned.


For example, the Spiked Eight characteristic is present in almost half of the 1881-O VAMs.  But in the title of the VAMs "Spiked Eight" appears only three times.  So in later VAM naming the "spiked eight" had become pervasive and not considered to be the dominant characteristic.



Clashed Dies

Gouge in DOLLAR

Double Ear

Overpolished Wings

Altered Hair

Spiked 8


The Concept

Bearded Eagles