The concept of creating a section of this web site dedicated to "similitudes" might seem strange.  But once you are into VAMing and working on identification you will find this type of analysis a great help.  All coins originate with the engraver's design, and the transfer of that design to a hub.  From that point forward all coins have similar characteristics related to the original design.  But also from that point, and especially with Morgan Dollars, small differences creep into the process.  But even within these differences coins and coin dies retain shared characteristics that may help with VAM identification.  We found that many seasoned VAMers know these differences but they are rarely documented, but for the 1881-O we are seeking to do just that.


Clashed Dies

Gouge in DOLLAR

Double Ear

Overpolished Wings

Altered Hair

Spiked 8


The Concept

Bearded Eagles