Our thanks to all who have done so much work on Morgan Dollars and shared their knowledge

Data Integrity

Every effort has been made to maintain the integrity of data from its original source when it is known.  Morgan Dollar and VAM information is repeated often on the Internet and in print, so the original source is often lost.

In particular we rely on information from VAMworld which has been expanded to include descriptions on links, rarity, and interest information.  With regard to VAM descriptions, the information has been altered to change sentence fragments and other wording into complete sentences, or to clarify descriptions.

Each VAM description includes a direct link back to the original source material at VAMworld.


Images, Grades, and VAM ID

Unless otherwise noted, all images on this web site are from our own collection of 1881-O Morgan Dollars.

All coins have been professionally graded by PCGS.  All VAMs have been identified and then verified by the site owners through the Variety Slabbing Service.

In the case of the 3 VAMs that PCGS will certify then by them when we deemed it necessary or advantageous.


Discovery VAMs

All of our discoveries follow a consistent process where they are first acquired by us,  identified by VSS, and then approved and verified by Leroy Van Allen.



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Internet Videos

The Royal Mint, "Design and Die Making" Video