The Missing VAMs

One of our primary objectives is to locate at least one example of each VAM identified for the 1881-O.  This sounds like a worthy endeavor and certainly in line with the overall direction for our collection and study.  But doing this is more difficult than it might seem.  Some of the VAMs may have a single example, and others have not been seen in over 30 years and their discoverers may have moved on to other interests and sold their collections.


In 2015 and 2016 we were the primary discoverers of new VAMs for this series, so we logically have our discovery coin at a minimum.  Other collectors have and will make discoveries, so this list may never be blank.  But the real challenge will be picking up the older ones or finding new examples of the old VAMs.


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Missing VAMs


Clashed n and st


Clashed n & st and later obverse die state of 1J and 20


Shared obverse 1J, 1K, 20 and all show same die cracks at the point of the bust.


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VAM 21

O/O Top Right


MM doubled on middle and top right side of opening.  Same as VAM 10 but without the doubled/tripled date.


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VAM 29

Doubled 18 and stars


Doubled 18 in date with 1 slightly doubled below upper cross bar and first 8 doubled at right inside of lower loop. All left and right stars slightly doubled on surface towards rim. Top of Phrygian cap very weakly doubled as is nose, lips and chin.



No known image exists

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VAM 31

Doubled 18


Doubled 18 in date. 1 doubled on surface at bottom of upper crossbar and slightly at top right of vertical shaft. First 8 slightly doubled on surface at lower right outside of upper loop and on surface at bottom outside of lower loop.

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VAM 39

Doubled Phrygian Cap & UNUM


Slightly doubled top of the Phrygian cap and the bottom inside of UNUM letters toward the rim.  The right 1 has a notch at the lower right of the vertical shaft.

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VAM 45

Doubled Left 1, O Set High


The left 1 is slightly doubled at the top left and on the top of both sides of the base.  Slightly doubled bottom of the ear lobe.

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VAM 48

O/O Lines


Mint mark set very slightly to right with very thin vertical line at left inside and tiny die chips at top and bottom inside. Slightly doubled couple leaves lower right of right wreath.

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VAM 77

Doubled 188


Obverse is same die used on VAM 35.


Reverse is a earlier die state without the displaced field on the upper portion of the legend.

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