PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82490314

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 58

VAM:  14 - Doubled First 8, Die Gouge DO

VSS Number: 012027


Comments:  The distinctive downward sloping die gouge through DO on the reverse sets this VAM apart from the series with the gouge sloping up through DOL.  The gouge looks more like a rough gouge, which is more believable as an accidental gouge with a tool.


This coin was probably close to a PL coin before going into circulation, or at least had very nice cartwheels.  The deep reflection in the fields is still visible, even at this grade.


This is a solid AU58 that is obviously circulated, but retains excellent detail and the VAM features are easily read.  However, the doubling in the first 8 is on the surface and may not be obvious below AU grades.  But the die gouge is deeper and will hold much longer.


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