VAM 49 Dies

VAM 49 - Doubled 1-1, Die Gouge DOL is a pairing of Obverse Die 13 with Reverse Die a.  Reverse Die a with the die gouge in DOL of DOLLAR is seen on five VAMs: 1B1, 1B2, 18, 43, and 49.  As of January 2018 we have three examples of VAM 49 for examination, so the VAM is rare.  Our three coins range from Extra Fine 45 to Mint State 62, but with only one mint state coin.


Our mint state example shows no obverse die cracks but significant reverse cracks.  The reverse cracks line up with the ones on others in this series, probably pointing to a single die in different states with this being the final use.


Die cracks are shown in green and die breaks in red.  Click on any image for a larger view.

Our Latest Die State 32125849