PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 97129

Serial Number:  16063172

Grade: Mint State 64 DMPL

VAM: 28 - Die 2 - Doubled Profile and Cap Top

VSS Number: 009407


Comments:  An excellent representative of this grade and VAM.  There are minimal bag marks on the face and field, and those are mostly small.  The field retains great luster.


The doubled profile extends from under the chin to the top of the hairline.  The cap is weakly doubled and can only be seen in the right light.


The reverse also retains great luster with minimal bag marks.  Leaves in the left wreath are polished out less then normal.    The mint mark is centered and upright and perhaps a bit high.


This coin has an unusual feature in the second 8 that we have never seen before.  The bottom loop of the numeral is almost completely obliterated.  At first we thought it was a die filled with grease.  But then we noticed that the hole extends down below the level of the field (see arrow).  This could be a large planchet flaw, but it could also be from some post production gouge.


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